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Hagerty Drivers Club Announces ‘Road of the Year’: California State Route 33 Shines and Winds Above the Rest
May 14, 2024
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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., May 14, 2024 – Hagerty today announced California State Route 33 as its inaugural ‘Road of the Year.’ With more than 4 million miles of road in the United States, the ‘Road of the Year’ celebrates the unique emotional experiences created by driving, taking into consideration location, drivability, condition, scenery and more. For the full editorial story from Hagerty Drivers Club, go here. 

Located within a two hours’ drive north of Los Angeles, California State Route 33 winds its way through the Transverse Mountain Ranges. The stretch of Route 33 celebrated by Hagerty starts from the quaint town of Ojai and rises to 5,160 feet to Pine Mountain Summit before plunging thrillingly into a gorge created by the Sespe Creek, eventually spilling out into the broad agricultural and ranching valley of Cuyama. 

“For an enthusiast, road quality, camber, twists, traffic and scenery all play a part in what makes a road great,” said Larry Webster, Senior Vice President of Media and Editorial for Hagerty. “Every now and then you drive one that just has it all, as is the case with California State Route 33. At Hagerty, we believe roads help deepen our love and appreciation for the cars we drive and the places we drive them. We look forward to highlighting more of the roads that fuel our shared passion in the years to come.”  

In a near impossible attempt to single out and choose just one road, the editors of Hagerty Drivers Club worked hard to establish a comprehensive and fair set of criteria that looked at the following:  

  • Accessibility: The road had to be no more than a one-day round trip from a major urban center 
  • Condition: The pavement had to be in excellent condition 
  • Amenities: The team required some dining and lodging amenities, with accessible gas and charging stations 

From driving dynamics and scenic vistas, to light traffic and hospitable weather, Route 33 has plenty to offer. It’s been enjoyed by millions of drivers and enthusiasts for almost a decade, with plenty of grit for millions more. 

Share your stories about Route 33 or any other of your favorite roads at For the full feature, visit Hagerty Media here. Photography and video assets of the ‘Road of the Year’ are available here. 

About Hagerty (NYSE: HGTY)  

Hagerty is an automotive enthusiast brand committed to saving driving and to fueling car culture for future generations. The company is a leading provider of specialty vehicle insurance, expert car valuation data and insights, live and digital car auction services, immersive events and automotive entertainment custom made for the 67 million Americans who self-describe as car enthusiasts. Hagerty also operates in Canada and the U.K. and is home to Hagerty Drivers Club, a community of over 800,000 who can’t get enough of cars. For more information, please visit or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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